Duo Milan Porta Nuova, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel - Milano, Città metropolitana di Milano

Indirizzo: Via Gerolamo Cardano, 1, 20124 Milano MI, Italia.
Telefono: 02667461.
Sito web: marriott.com.
Specialità: Hotel, Servizio di organizzazione di riunioni, Location per matrimoni.

Opinioni: Questa azienda ha 251 recensioni su Google My Business.
Media delle opinioni: 4.2/5.

Posizione di Duo Milan Porta Nuova, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel

Il Duo Milan Porta Nuova, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel è una scelta eccellente per chi cerca un'esperienza di alloggio di alto livello a Milano. Situato in un'ubicazione privilegiata in Via Gerolamo Cardano, 1, 20124 Milano MI, Italia, questo hotel offre un facile accesso ai principali punti di interesse della città.

Con una valutazione media di 4.2/5 su 251 recensioni su Google My Business, il Duo Milan Porta Nuova si distingue per il suo elevato standard di servizio e la qualità delle sue strutture. Gli ospiti possono usufruire di un'ampia gamma di servizi, tra cui il servizio di organizzazione di riunioni e la possibilità di ospitare matrimoni in location suggestive.

Le camere dell'hotel sono arredate con gusto e dotate di tutti i comfort moderni, garantendo un soggiorno confortevole e rilassante. Il personale cordiale e professionale è sempre a disposizione per soddisfare le esigenze degli ospiti e garantire un'esperienza indimenticabile.

Il Duo Milan Porta Nuova è inoltre la scelta ideale per chi viaggia per lavoro, offrendo una serie di servizi business tra cui sale riunioni attrezzate e connessione internet ad alta velocità.

La posizione centrale dell'hotel lo rende inoltre il punto di partenza ideale per esplorare le bellezze di Milano, con la possibilità di raggiungere facilmente i principali siti turistici e culturali della città.

Recensioni di Duo Milan Porta Nuova, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel

Duo Milan Porta Nuova, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel - Milano, Città metropolitana di Milano
Chris Masini

I recently stayed here with a couple of family members during my visit of Milan and I have to say this hotel was excellent.
The room was clean and had excellent facilities such as a steamer for my shirt and utensil in the bathroom such as a razor which I needed. We had water and coffee delivered daily which were placed during the time our room was cleaned. The chambermaids went a step further and folded my clothes which I carelessly tossed to the side…
Located not too far from the underground station and if you’re brave enough to walk like we are to local facilities and restaurants nearby.
The breakfast was excellent and the staff on the breakfast floor were attentive and understanding of my needs. Reception were polite and I didn't make me feel a bother when I requested instructions on how to use the underground system.
My biggest regret of the stay wasn’t having time to visit the gym. Having packed my gym gear and checking out the facility downstairs I was looking forward to using the gymnasium however due to the time schedule I couldn’t find time to use it. All I can say about it though is that it looked very clean and the facility was well equipped for an average gym goer as myself.

Duo Milan Porta Nuova, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel - Milano, Città metropolitana di Milano
Fanny Ceoen

This is a great hotel, I stay here almost every week and the service is always impeccable. For my job I need a lot of help from the staff at the restaurant and reception and they are always happy to help. At breakfast Francesco serves the best cappuccinos and Abby will always greet you with a big smile. The hotel is also very well situated, only 30 minutes walking to the city centre and a lot of nice little restaurants nearby.

Duo Milan Porta Nuova, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel - Milano, Città metropolitana di Milano
Maheer Khan

Don’t be fooled by the pictures of this hotel. The rooms are tiny compared to what the photos show. The king size mattress I had was actually two twins put together. The hotel staff placed a temporary charge on my card but actually charged it after I checked out (no way to contact them aside from calling internationally).

I used Marriott point for this stay… you’re better off using your points somewhere else. The hotel gives the illusion of a nice hotel, but the rooms are tiny and you risk getting charged extra for your stay. Also, don’t expect any special treatment if you have titanium/ambassador status.

Duo Milan Porta Nuova, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel - Milano, Città metropolitana di Milano
Bea Lee

Room was very small and dark. There are not enough lights and we even had to use flashlight when packing our stuff. Door keys and elevator keys do not function all the time. Hospitality and helpfulness depends on the particular staff, it is not consistent across the team.
Very good location and wide selection of tasty food for breakfast .
Overall, doesn't feel like a 4-star hotel, maybe 2.5 to 3 star.

Duo Milan Porta Nuova, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel - Milano, Città metropolitana di Milano
Connor McNeal

Best service you can ask for. Went to the bar to have a drink before dinner and immediately was greeted as if we were old friends. Jacopo, Federico, and Patrick not only provided excellent drinks but great conversation. Could have stayed there for hours and just talk about different places to eat and hangout in Milan. They even called and made us a dinner reservation. If you are in Milan it's a must stop for drinks and a good time.

Duo Milan Porta Nuova, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel - Milano, Città metropolitana di Milano
Eu Ken Ng

Duo Milan Porta Nuova is conveniently located 10 minutes from a metro and 10 minutes from Milano Central station, the main train station departing and arriving to and from various destinations across Italy.

The rooms are cozy. We booked a King bed but it is actually two single beds combined together. The beds were very comfortable however. Lighting could be improved as it is a little dim in the night. As we were rarely in the rooms, this does not prove to be a big issue. Soundproofing could also be an issue if you have a noisy neighbour. We could hear the sounds from our neighbours opening and closing their door.

Breakfast spread was generous and the waiters and waitresses were very courteous.

At the time of our arrival, the hotel was facing a system issue. As a result, the check in process took some time (we were not the only ones waiting for our rooms). Yet, the staff were working hard to resolve the issue and we felt comfortable waiting at the hotel lobby. A special shoutout to the staff at the bar who entertained our request for water after we return from our tiring trips daily with a smile on their faces.

As a hotel for visiting and exploring Milan, I would highly recommend this place.

Duo Milan Porta Nuova, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel - Milano, Città metropolitana di Milano
Екатерина Мицкевич

You booked a deposit on my account and then fully charged it together with a cost of the room. More than two months have passed and the money is not returned. I called you three times and every time you pretend that you didn’t receive my email and don’t see the transaction. Just fraud, avoid this hotel, service is non-existent

Duo Milan Porta Nuova, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel - Milano, Città metropolitana di Milano
Luca Sambucci

Esperienza sconcertante con il servizio.

Hanno sbagliato un addebito sulla mia carta e sono cinque settimane che sto cercando di ottenere la restituzione dei soldi, senza tuttavia riuscire ad avere non solo i miei soldi indietro, ma anche semplicemente un riscontro scritto alla mia richiesta.

Sollecitati ripetutamente via email non rispondono. Al telefono ogni singola volta che li chiamo hanno - poverini - "i sistemi bloccati".

Questa sera ho provato a fare un'ultima telefonata prima di procedere col chargeback presso l'emittente della mia carta. Alla ripetuta giustificazione che avevano i sistemi bloccati ho chiesto da quanto avessero questo problema, visto che gli avevo scritto diverse email anche settimane fa, la risposta è stata "Da molto tempo! Buonasera!" e mi ha riattaccato la cornetta in faccia.

Che dire... scortesia a parte, se dovessi fatturargli il tempo che sto perdendo per riottenere i miei soldi credo che il mio credito nei loro confronti aumenterebbe di parecchio.

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